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Publisher: Scienceline Publications

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Research Paper

Crossbreeding challenges and its effect on dairy cattle performances in Amhara region, Ethiopia.

Getu A, Guadu T, Addisu Sh, Asefa A, Birhan M, Mogese N, Chanie M, Bogale B, Alebie A, Feresebhate A, Fantahun T, Mitiku T.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(5): 96-102, 2016; pii: S222877011600013-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Reproductive Traits of Fogera and Holstein Friesian Crossbred Cattle at Metekel Ranch, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6 (4): 90-95.

Zeleke. B, Kebede K, and Banerjee A.K.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(4): 90-95, 2016; pii: S222877011600012-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Effects of exogenous recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) on hematological indices of Kundhi buffalo male calves.

Khuhro AP, Soomro SA, Kaka NA, Khuhro RP, Siyal FA, Bhutto ZA, Arain MA, Saeed M, Soomro RN and Brohi SA.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(4): 83-89, 2016; pii: S222877011600011-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Interactive effects of stocking density and feed type on growth, survival and cannibalism among African catfish (C. gariepinus Burchell 1822).

Shourbela RM, El-Hawarry WN, Abd El-Rahman SH.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(3): 73-82, 2016; pii: S222877011600010-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

In vitro digestibility of selected forages in Sargodha district, Pakistan.

Arif M, Hayat Z,  Saeed M, Asif Arain M, Ali Shah Q, Ali Siyal F, Faizi Z, Soomro RN,  Abbasi IHR, Rehman A, Abbas Raza SH,  Hayat F.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(3): 62-72, 2016; pii: S222877011600009-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Effect of medicated urea molasses blocks on sub-clinical parasitic infestations in goats.

Abid R, Khan I, Bhatti J A, Shah Z, Zahoor A, Ahmad Sh.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(2): 57-61, 2016; pii: S222877011600008-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Effect of dietary tannin source feeds on Ruminal fermentation and production of cattle; a review.

Addisu Sh.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(2): 45-56, 2016; pii: S222877011600008-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Minerals disappearance rate of leaves of some acacia trees after digestion in goats’ rumen using nylon bags technique.

Al shafei N. K and Nour A.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(2): 38-44, 2016; pii: S222877011600007-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research Paper

Kitchen waste - a promising feed resource for livestock.

Hossain M.E., Ahmed M.I., Sultana S.A. and Karim M.H.

Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 6(2): 30-37, 2016; pii: S222877011600006-6

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

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