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Manuscripts of novel and applied scientific researches, reviews and short communications relevant to Animal and Feed Sciences from scholars and students are invited for submission to Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research (OJAFR) via Online Submission Portal or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for publishing in an open access peer-review publication, by aims to improve livestock performance and better utilization of feed resources on animal's production and related areas.


Papers can be in any relevant fields of Animal Sciences (Animal Nutrition, Physiology, Reproduction, Genetics and Breeding, Behavior, Health, Husbandry and its economic, Animal product’s quality) and relative topics in Animal Feed Science (Bird food, Poultry feed, Cattle feeding, Equine nutrition, Pig farming, Sheep husbandry, Chelates in animal nutrition, Factory farming, Feed safety, Feeding, Pet food, Predation) .


The journal does encourage papers with emphasis on the nutritive value and utilization of feeds that is depended to methods of Improvement, Assessment, Conserving and Processing feeds, Agronomic and climatic factors, Metabolic, Production, Reproduction and Health responses to dietary inputs (e.g., Feeds, Feed Additives, Specific Feed Components, Mycotoxins). Also, mathematical models relating directly to animal-feed interactions, Analytical and experimental methods for Feed Evaluation as well as Animal Production studies with a focus on Animal Nutrition that do have link to a feed (Food Science and Technology) are acceptable relative topics for OJAFR.


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